What really gets you and your teammates moving?

Knowing motives and acting on them is crucial. A driving force is created that truly motivates people. That is why recognizing, understanding and effectively using your own and others’ motives is crucial. People’s motivation to take action increases when they can express their passions, preferences and interests in their job or work environment. On the other hand, people become demotivated and stressed when they have to make too many concessions to their personal motives in a job or career. They will get blocked and poor teamwork is the result.
Understanding what really moves people is invaluable for teams and organizations that want to excel. Be enticed, get moving, discover your driving force, and that of your teammates.


What to expect

Using The Motivators Game and other surprising exercises, supported by a short presentation on the theory, participants are introduced to Spranger’s work-related motives. These are exercises that anyone can do. There is room for feedback to stimulate awareness and consciousness.

At the end of the workshop, participants have:

  • experienced the direct effects of their own and others’ drives on the final team result;
  • been able to assess their drives and the effects of these on their motivation and the team;
  • experience a method that gives tools to motivate teams and individuals;
  • experience what the effects are of the various motivations in the team.

For whom

The workshop is for teams who:

  • want to excel;
  • feel that motivation can improve;
  • who want to better understand their own and others’ motivations;
  • who want to get tools for effective motivation;
  • who want to get acquainted with Spranger’s work-related motives;
  • who want to take Motivation Profiles ‘out of the drawer’ to start using them in practice.


4 hours


In company.

Group size

5 to 20 persons. Larger groups on request.


The cost for the workshop is € 1210.

Additional Information

Please contact me.