Do you have a clear understanding of what triggers your behavioral style?

How does behavior affect communication and collaboration? Discover your behavioral styles and their value for the team. Paying attention to behavioral styles quickly provides useful insights and results. This workshop offers an introduction to your own and others’ behavioral styles. And its value in practice for both the team and the individual team members.

What to expect


Through fun, surprising exercises, supported by a short presentation on the theory, participants will experience the DISC Behavioral Styles in practice. These are exercises that anyone can do. They are ‘playful’ and always aimed at learning by doing: action learning. There is room for feedback in order to share insights and stimulate learning. Of course we do this with respect for each participant. Trust and safety are always taken into account.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have:

experienced the direct effects of their own and others’ behavioral styles on the final team result;
been able to assess their preferred behavioral style and its effects on communication and cooperation;
experienced a method that gives tools in everyday life to perform better as a team and as an individual.

For whom

The workshop is for teams who:

  • want to perform ‘masterfully’;
  • feel that communication and cooperation can improve;
  • want to better understand their own and others’ behavioral styles;
  • want to get tools for effective communication and cooperation;
  • want to get acquainted with DISC Behavioral Styles;
  • want to take DISC profiles ‘out of the drawer’ to start using them in practice.


4 hours


The training is given on request.

Group size

For an optimal result we use a group size of minimum 5 and maximum 20 employees.


The total investment for the entire workshop is € 1210. This price includes materials and preparation and excludes V.A.T.

Additional Information

Please contact me.