These Terms and Conditions of Delivery shall apply to all offers to perform and carry out work in the field of project management, consultancy, training, coaching and education, hereinafter referred to as activities, and related materials issued by Peter Roemeling.

These terms and conditions shall form an integral part of the offers, subsequent agreements and any work carried out. Any stipulations that deviate from these terms and conditions shall only be valid insofar as they have been accepted by Peter Roemeling in writing. The applicability of the client’s delivery conditions and other conditions is hereby expressly rejected, unless otherwise agreed.


The quotations issued by Peter Roemeling shall be without obligation and shall remain in force for 30 days after their date.


The order to perform the services offered shall be effected by written confirmation from the client to Peter Roemeling.


  1. The hours and/or parts of the day to be budgeted for the assignment shall be specified by type and rate in the quotation, unless otherwise agreed with the client.
  2. Any unbudgeted additional hours, with associated costs, will be incurred only after approval of the client.
  3. Travel, accommodation and materials costs will be specified in the quotation. The cost of equipment rental, accommodation, additional course materials and other incidental expenses will be charged separately.


  1. If the set visit/talk is cancelled by the client less than 24 hours in advance, the agreed upon hours will be charged.
  2. In case of cancellation of an agreed activity, if cancelled within one month, before the activity is scheduled, the full amount will be charged. In case of cancellation between one month and two months before the start, 50% of the invoice will be charged.


If an activity is rescheduled to another date at the client’s request, Peter Roemeling will charge the following fees for this:

  • In case of rescheduling within one month before the activity is scheduled, the execution costs will be charged in any case as well as the additional costs, which have to be incurred due to the rescheduling;
  • Earlier notice of relocation will result in a charge for implementation costs and any additional costs.
  • In both situations, if the activity is relocated over a period of three months or longer, Peter Roemeling is entitled to pass on interim price increases in accordance with the tariff policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • Also, in previously mentioned situations, additional costs may be charged if the relocation of an activity from a series, affects the preparation of the next activity.


Peter Roemeling shall submit an itemized invoice for the work performed immediately thereafter, with a payment term of 30 days from the date of the invoice. If necessary, in the event of late payment, the statutory interest applicable at that time shall be calculated from the last day of the payment period, plus an increase of 3%. Any collection costs to be incurred shall be borne by the client.

Peter Roemeling reserves the right, in the case of specific assignments, to charge an advance payment of 50% of the total sum for the work to be performed, which will be determined in the order confirmation.


Peter Roemeling shall retain the copyrights to the course materials, reports, forms, etc. compiled by him. The client shall not be allowed to reproduce course materials, etc. without Peter Roemeling’s written permission.


All participants participate in Peter Roemeling’s activities at their own risk.

Peter Roemeling shall be liable for any shortcomings in the performance of an assignment insofar as they are the result of a failure to exercise the due care, expertise and professional skill which may be expected with regard to the provision of advice in the context of the assignment in question. The liability for the damage caused by the shortcomings shall be limited to the amount of the fee that he received for the work under the commission.

In the case of assignments with a lead time exceeding six months, the liability referred to here shall be further limited to a maximum of the amount of the invoice for the last six months.

Any claims by the client in this sense must be submitted within 3 months of the discovery of the damage and no later than ½ year after the completion of the assignment, failing which the client will have processed his rights.


Peter Roemeling shall be obliged to keep all information and data of the client confidential with respect to third parties. In the context of the engagement, he shall take all possible precautions to protect the client’s interests. Without Peter Roemeling’s consent, the client shall not disclose to third parties his or her approach, working methods and the like, or make his or her report available.


Peter Roemeling’s quotations shall be based on the information provided by the client. Peter Roemeling shall then carry out the instruction to the best of his knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of good craftsmanship. However, it cannot guarantee that the intended result will ultimately be achieved.

The Hague, January 2019.