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Who am I? – How can I improve myself?

Where do I want to go? – What steps do I take?

What is my ideal job?

Are you struggling to choose the right direction or find the right path?

Do you want to excel in freedom?

Excelling in Freedom is my motto. It is a universal recipe for personal development and personal leadership. A recipe to give yourself wings, to rise above yourself and to add value to your life and that of others. To be good to yourself and to make the world a better place. Read more about me …

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Hartman’s Values

By measuring how a person values the world around them and themselves, Hartman distinguishes six values. The degree to which these six dimensions are developed yield thinking patterns or thinking styles. Below, these six thinking dimensions are described*.

January 27th, 2021|Explanatory theories, Values|

Spranger’s motives

Eduard Spranger is a Swiss behavioral scientist who lived from 1882 to 1963. In 1928 he published his book Types of Men. In it he classified six personality types. A personality type tells us what kind of attitude a person has toward the world.

January 27th, 2021|Explanatory theories, Motives|
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