“Peter’s workshop was very enlightening, challenging and logical. Using several well-known people, personal traits were brought very close and visualized with his book as well. Peter is an engaging storyteller who really wants you to excel in freedom, if you have the chance, definitely take advantage of it! I am already looking forward to our next conversation.”

André Vellekoop, Financial Advisor at Vellekoop Financial Services


“Peter’s workshop Excelling in Freedom gives you self-insight into your thinking styles. An enriching method for personal development and original addition to the known behavioral styles and drives methodologies. Peter clearly knows how to translate the underlying complex theories into a practical application. He intersperses his story with examples of icons from world history, which also illustrate his beautifully designed book. Peter guides in a calm and passionate way, gives participants all the space they need and knows how to hold everyone’s attention until the end. Highly recommended!”

Maaike de Loor, Country Programme Manager at Nuffic


What to expect

What does personal development entail? How can I strengthen my personal leadership? In this interactive workshop you will discover what you can do to Excel in freedom and lead your own life and the lives of others. I will take you through the visions on being human of well known and lesser known philosophers. You will get a structure, tools and appealing case studies. From world famous people as well as from my own practice and sport.

During the workshop you sketch your profile. This provides insight into your talents. And it provides insight into the possibilities for personal development. It is the basis for your own recipe to give your development a boost. At the end you go home with more self-insight, self-knowledge and self-awareness and tips for further development and growth. And with your own copy of the book. With the book and the outlined profile you can work on your recipe for sustainable development.

Result workshop: personal profile as basis for own recipe for personal development.

For whom

The workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in, and or wants to work on, personal development and personal leadership and increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge.

The workshop is also suitable for teams or organizations that want to take a step in improving: team development, talent development and self-management.

Date, duration and location

In 2022, the workshop will be held monthly. More info on this soon!

For teams and organizations, the workshop can be delivered in-company.

Group size

Max 8 people.


€ 97,50 Including book Excell in freedom worth € 34,95

Sign up / information

Interested or sign up for a workshop? Please contact me.