Personal Development

Three Services

The conversations with Peter have helped me to set a course. The inviting method of coming to insights yourself – Peter will never give you ready-made answers – has led to choices that I believe in. I also enjoyed giving space to the thought process and taking the time to investigate matters. I appreciate Peter’s open approach, free of judgment and with respect for everything that makes a person a person. The result is a well-considered approach that I feel strongly about.

Floor Driessen, Advisor care housing

Who am I? – How can I improve myself?

Where do I want to go? – What steps do I take?

What is my ideal job?


Are you struggling to choose the right direction or find the right path? Are you struggling to answer one or more of the above questions?

With my experience since 1996 as a coach, consultant and trainer, and since 2004 as a certified TriMetrix consultant, I have developed a methodology with which I can guide people to Excel in freedom and to work on their development and leadership.

For this purpose I have developed three services: