Personal development

Maintenance to preserve your freedom

“Peter has proven to be an excellent coach for me. His personal appraoch and way of working based on talents, motivations and behaviour is creating a clear view on what you are good at and why you are working in a certain way. So ask Peter about it and work on creating knowlegde about yourself.”

Richard Henderickx, Commercial Strategist

In order to stay aware of and consciously work on ambitions, strengths, avoiding pitfalls, focusing on the right actions, and working on your development points, it is important to reflect on a regular basis. Maintenance involves a quarterly session.

To this end, it is important to:

  1. Increase self-knowledge and receive feedback;
  2. Evaluate experiences and events;
  3. Evaluate your plan and adjust it if necessary;
  4. Choose the right activities that contribute to the realization of your ambitions.

Coaching session

A couching session can be held online or face to face. Face to face conversations take place at Het Coachhuis or at the location where the coachee works.

After agreement, the dates for the sessions are determined and locations are reserved. Before each session, I prepare myself by reading reports and profiles I have already made. I make notes of each report and share these with the coachee. The coachee makes a reflection report of each conversation.

Supporting methods and resources

A project is always tailor-made. Conversations are therefore supported and supplemented with one or more of the following methods and means:

  • Created TriMetrix profile: Thinking styles, Talents, Drives and Behavioural styles profile
  • Exercises: Switching perspectives, listening exercises, The Behaviour Game and The Motivation Game
  • The book: Excelling in freedom, a recipe for personal development, Peter Roemeling, ISBN: 978-90-812163-0-2
  • Bibliography & film tips
  • Online surveys and 360 degree feedback
  • Reflection reports of the interviews