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Each person brings their own set of behavioral styles, motivations, values, thinking styles, talents and skills to work. Many organizations fail to effectively match the right person with the talents needed for optimal performance. Through a TriMetrix profile and my expertise with the tool, I prevent poor selection and the associated loss to your organization’s results.

Companies want to have the right person in the right positions. To do this, a proper selection and development process is essential. The TriMetrix system is an excellent tool for this purpose. It is scientific and validated. It enables companies to benchmark functions, assess candidates, select the right person and identify the development goals for a new employee.

For professional support and assistance in this process you have come to the right place. My experience with TriMetrix is extensive. Since 1996 I have gained expertise and experience in various onboarding and talent development programs. Since 2004 I have been using the TriMetrixsystem for coaching, training and selection.

People shape the organization. They directly impact business results and are essential to be competitive, distinctive and successful. Therefore, it is important to get the selection process right the first time.

Specifically, I support organizations in selection with:

  • Conducting assessments;
  • Determining the most suitable candidates;
  • Draw up a development plan for the new employee.

More information

Depending on the organization, the number of people to be selected and the importance of the position, the contribution I make in selecting the right person is determined. Please contact me to discuss this

A TriMetrix profile looks like this: Sample TriMetrix Profile.